The Cultural Association “Coro Polifonico Femminile Tonara” was named after the village of  Tonara, which sits among  the Gennargentu Mountains in the centre of Sardinia, Italy.

The choir was founded in January 1998 and is composed of about 25 women coming from different professional fields and sharing the same passion for music and for singing. Ms Giovanna Demurtas (diploma in Choral music, Opera and Choir Conducting) has been the chief conductor since its creation. She has always pursued the growth of knowledge and experience as a primary aim, despite the difficulties and challenges  met in the way.

The choir studied Holy Polyphony but has in its repertoire pieces of national and international tradition. Recently it has specialized in local folk polyphonic tradition.

The singers work hard with enthusiasm, love and strong will, qualities they show  during the meetings with other choirs.

In 2003 the choir recorded the first CD, called Amores e Turmentos, containing local songs and lyrics in Sardinian language – among them some poems written by the famous local poet Peppino Mereu and set to music by Ms Demurtas herself.

The choir has promoted and organized several cultural meetings and festivals, such as the First International Choral  Meeting (Easter 2005). It has also taken part in Regional, National  and International festivals; it has recently taken part in the Celebrazione Mariana, during the Third European Day of University Students in Vatican.

The Choir has always showed interest and willingness to participate in any meeting in favour of  peace and solidarity.





The choir conductor, Ms Giovanna Demurtas, obtained a Diploma in Choral Music an Choir Conduction at the Conservatoire “P. Palestrina” of Cagliari (teacher: Maestro Antonio Costa).

She obtained a Diploma in Opera at the Conservatoire “L. Canepa” of Sassari, (Professor Paola Puggioni)  where she is now attending  the course of  Didactics of  Music.

She actually teaches Theory, Solfeggio and Choral Singing at the Civic Schools of Music of Oristano, Macomer and Nuoro.

She directs the Coro Polifonico Femminile di Tonara and the Polifonica Logudorese of Bonorva.

She set to music the following poems by Peppino Mereu for  the Tonara Choir: “Su minestrone”, “A Genesio Lamberti”, “Turmentos”, “Ninna Nanna”. She composed the music for the “Sanctus” in Sardinian language and for the holy piece “Manos a chelu” (lyrics by the Serenella Piras and Rossella Dominici - singers).



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